[MOD] 123 Sesame Street Modular Building

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"Can you tell me how to get how to get to Sesame Street?"

While the official 123 Sesame Street set (21324) is undoubtedly adorable, it does not easily fit into the Modular Building style.  I challenged myself to convert the set into the Modular style using pieces almost entirely exclusive to the set.  The only pieces that I needed to use in addition to the set's pieces were tiles for the sidewalk, two 1 x 2 brick with hole (in medium nougat), and a 16 x 32 baseplate. 

With the modifications, I think this design fits rather nicely alongside the official Modular Buildings! 

Anyone who may be interested in the instructions can find them here and on Rebrickable! :sweet:


Like all official Modular sets, I was able to design the building to be enclosed on all four sides.  Additionally, the roof and second floor can be removed to view and access the interiors!  The interiors contain many of the same memorable details from the official set (e.g. Ernie's iconic bathtub); however not all of the same details could be included since the official set's building is 6 studs wider. 


Below is a closer look at the front and back - since I limited myself to only using the pieces in the set, you can see the dark orange bricks from Hooper's Store needed to be used to provide a "weathered" look on the back.




Now I can't wait to pick up the set and it this to my LEGO City! :laugh:


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