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[MOC] Fantasy ship with Nereids

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This is another ship which I built for my comic Kings & Queens of the Sea. I guess it could go either here or to the Elves subforum, as this is not a typical ship with sails, etc.

But I chose to post it here, as it is a part of the greater story which involves more classic-looking ships. Besides, the creatures onboard are not Elves. They are supposed to be (my interpratation of) Nereids - sea nymphs, mythical females who live in the ocean, or maybe their descendants, who knows...

First, here's the Brickshelf folder.

Now some pictures:


In this universe, they control sharks, or at least these sharks - that's why they don't need sails! :shark:


Nereids are much like Mermaids, but with legs - they live in the sea. So why do they even need a ship you might ask? That's a perfectly valid question, which will be answered in the comic. But a small hint will appear under the final picture in this thread!


Some more images:






And here's the hint which I promised - the ship carries some precious cargo which is held in these chests and barrels. What is inside exactly? This will be answered in the comic.

That's it for now! :pir-classic:

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