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Hello everyone!

This time I decided to come without trucks, supercars, and other wheeled vehicles. No, even without tanks or cranes :pir-grin:
In Russia, the traditions of celebrating Halloween are not well developed, but this does not interfere with the fun at all! This year I was unable to grow a beautiful orange pumpkin, so Lego came to my rescue!


The pumpkin-mecha turned out to be a good decoration for the house, the guests were amused by its spider-like legs, and the absence of obvious signs of eyes and mouth made the imagination work hard while looking at the patterns from the panels that make up the body.


This strange robot consists of 80 orange panels, weighs 378 grams, is 22 centimeters tall, and 15 centimeters in diameter.


In general, the body of the "pumpkin" itself consists of 8 segments, exactly the same except for the inner part (8 ball-joint sockets for the feet did not fit inside one ring). It can be assembled quite simply from 4 parts (although the final connection may turn out to be somewhat tricky).


The internal structure, consisting of three rings (one large and two identical smaller ones), allows all panels to be rigidly fixed and not to fall apart even when dropped from a low height.


I am very happy that I managed to do without System parts, as well as without Bionicle elements. As a result, I can say that this is 100% Technic pumpkin :pir_laugh2:

I hope you enjoyed it, just in case I will leave the file if anyone wants to experiment with such cone-shaped structures. See you next time!

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I think it looks great for a technic pumpkin. Ever considered using system bricks? Because I think they might work well.

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15 hours ago, SilenWin said:



It resembles the T - gear from TF: Prime.

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