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[INDEX] Count Mesabi and Company

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The Mesabi Clan is infamous for their exploits on the Brick Seas. Here is an index of them and their exploits. 

Main Characters:

Count Mesabi of Debonshire

Veteran of the Juniper Wars, CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, the Fortifier of Nova Malto, Founder of the Grand City of Mesabi Landing, Sailor of the South, and Purveyor of Artiodactyla and Equine Meats




Count “...” Mesabi of Debonshire was born in late 591AE to a Promethean family in Debonshire, the youngest of three children. His father, a Commodore in the Royal Navy served in the “Isle of Tam” campaign of 589AE, while his mother operated a small textile shop. Count Mesabi enlisted in early 606AE in the 71st Corrish Regiment, who specialized in scorched earth operations. 
Count Mesabi rose quickly to the rank of Lieutenant, after being the last surviving member of a Forlorn Hope to retake a small village. Afterwhich, the village was burned to the ground to prevent its recapture by Oleander forces. 
Quite skilled in hand to hand combat, Count Mesabi soon found himself a Captain, after the devastating battle of the Black Pass, that saw two full battalions of men slaughtered. The Count managed to hold back the encroaching Oleander forces from taking the vinyards his company defended, despite being surrounded on all sides for almost a month. This mattered little, as with Corrington’s surrender in 608 AE, the entire province was ceded to Oleon.
 Having served with distinction, the Count was promoted into the Queen’s personal guard in Belson. Count Mesabi met his wife, Agnes in the palace, and he would serve a total of ten years, until his forcible retirement after an incident with a diplomat from Eslandola. 

Afterwards, the Count took to the seas, forming the Wayfarer Trading Corporation. Count Mesabi, having made a decent amount of political connections in his time in the palace, leveraged these to charter the company, and staff it with old colleagues from his time in the 71st. The Count first made a name for himself in Nova Malto, at the end of the War of Isla de Medio. The Count, who had worked to build and fortify a Mardian settlement in the name of Corrington, broke ranks with Corrington’s colonial officials, and demanded Corrington hold the settlement. This, compounded with an attack on one of his vessels in the harbour, lead to him founding his own settlement, Mesabi Landing, on the isle of Argentia. 

The Queen was impressed by his actions on behalf of the crown, and granted him the nobility of “Count of Devonshire,” though it’s debated whether she did this out of spite for the old authorities of the county, or out of respect for his actions. Colonial Officials were much less impressed, however, and actually had to deal with his actions. The WTC would soon make a name for itself as a rogues gallery of disgraced Corlanders, miscreants, and criminals. 

The Count, being restless, decided to sail towards the old world, to investigate the rumors of the South, in the hopes of setting up with new trading partners. His journeys would take him to Tellvok, Pan, and finally Kemblar and Kemblarsi. The Count would return, bringing new goods and discoveries to Corrington, though the reputation of the WTC dampened and bittered his return. For some time afterwards, he took a backseat in the company, working on his own products and ideas, away from the mainstage, but he recently seems to have reappeared, for better or worse. 

A chaotic, and nonchalant man, the count cares very little about the opinions of others, no matter their rank or station. Many see him as a cruel madman, who roams the seas looking for nothing but plunder, and hiding behind his noble title. But all this is but a facade over an impenetrable wall of bitterness. Corrington had failed him once, and he would never give the opportunity to let him down again, no matter how many enemies he made. 




Beginnings (Arlinsport)

A Headquarters (Arlinsport)

The WTC Bad Blood (Shipt)

At a Tavern (Arlinsport)

The WTC Icarus Returning (Before Refit) (Ship) 

Original WTC Declaration

The WTC Suckerfish (Ship)

Warehouse (Arlinsport)

The Adventures of the early WTC 1 (Challenge)

The Adventures of the early WTC  2 (Challenge)

Another Warehouse  (Arlinsport)

Rats! (MCRA)

Nova Malto Shenanigans: (Nova Malto)

The Founding of Mesabi Landing

A Stockpile of Things (Mesabi Landing)

Library of Learning (Mesabi Landing)

Trying to Join the RNSD (Camp Isaac)

The Original Mesabi Residence (Mesabi Landing)

Ship Levels in a warehouse (Mesabi Landing)

To the South! (AMCRA)


WTC Icarus Returning (Refitted) (Ship)


A Statehouse (Port Raleigh) 

Visiting a friend in prison (Astrapi)


A Belated Return (Port Raleigh)

I Love Corrington! (Port Raleigh)

University Library (Quinnsville)


Secret Proceedings (King's Harbour)

Return of the Count, pt. 1 (Mesabi Landing- Flooded District)

Return of the Count, pt. 2 (Mesabi Landing)

Return of the Count, pt. 3 (Mesabi Landing)

Countess Agnes Mesabi

Titan of Industry, former acting CEO of the Wayfarer Trading Corporation, Soccer Cup 'winner,' and Liason to the Gondovan Princess. 




Agnes Mesabi was born to a wealthy noble family in Belson in 592AE. As a child, she was raised to be a graceful nobody who would end up marrying slightly above her station. She never even attempted that. Agnes rebelled heavily against her family, eventually marrying the Guard Captain Mesabi in 612AE. She became a terror of the palace, creating several notorious incidents, including crashing a wedding with a cannon, ruining the 613 Queen’s Ball by setting the dance floor on fire, and throwing a cat at an Eslandolan Diplomat who “dishonoured her,” forcing Captain Mesabi to duel him to the death to “regain her honour.”  

But all of these incidents had strategic merit. 

Agnes eventually left Belson “to focus on her family and career” and became de facto CEO of the WTC after the Count left for the South. (which may or may not have been to escape her.) Under her reign of Terror, the WTC’s production was ramped up to insane levels, and Mesabi Landing was constructed into a massive city of wealth and power. With her right hand man, Karl Mordo, the WTC became the most industrial of any trade corporation, and arguably the most powerful in Corrington. 

However, Agnes was not happy, and found a business opportunity in the disgraced Princess Isabella of Gondova. The WTC would help to regain control of her kingdom, in exchange for promises of wealth, riches, and nobility. Agnes immediately set sail with 60 of her best men, and currently hides in the shadows of Gonda, plotting the overthrow of the Nameren Government.

But behind the anger, the alcohol, and the feigned craziness, Countess Agnes Mesabi is a ruthless businesswoman who desires the world and then some. Tirelessly, she plots, not caring for who or what gets hurt in the meantime.



Note: Only includes builds by myself at the moment. 

Cannon Foundry (Mesabi Landing)

Exploring Local Fauna (Mesabi Landing)

Opium Plantation (Mesabi Landing)

Gunpowder Factory (Jameston)

Gun Factory (Jameston)


Expedition into the Jungle (Jameston)

Wedding Crashing! (Mesabi Landing)

Meeting Mesabi  (minichallenge)

The Chartering of the WTC (King's Harbour)

Water in Mesabi Landing 1 (Mesabi Landing)

Water in Mesabi Landing 2 (Mesabi Landing)

The Royal Shipyard of Mesabi Landing (Mesabi Landing) Finishing touches.

A Chapel (Mesabi Landing)

WTC Destroying Angel (Ship)

Making Friends (Mesabi Landing)

Leaving Mesabi Landing (Mesabi Landing)


The Throne of Gonda (AMCRA)


Darby Tyler

Chief Accountant of the WTC, Southern Sailor, and Gentleman.




Darby Tyler is the WTC’s chief accountant and Count Mesabi’s adventure companion. Born in 596AE in Belson to a family of aristocrats, Darby was the second child of the Tyler family, and was often ignored in favour of his older sister, Deandra Tyler, a child prodigy. Darby excelled in math and bookkeeping, but struggled in other subjects. Eventually, he enrolled in Arlinsport Community and Technical College, and moved away from the Old World to get away. Darby graduated bottom of his class, and somehow he found a job in the Royal Tax Collection Service, where he worked until one day he was introduced to Count Mesabi. The Count, recognized his talent, and offered him a job, which he begrudgingly took. 

Darby Tyler accepted the job, and with the Count’s ‘business instincts’ (Lack of moral qualms) the WTC was soon quite profitable. Darby stuck with the Count, keeping exquisite track of the WTC’s holdings, until the Count Convinced him to join him on “A short voyage to the South of the world.” He would spend the next two years on a boat, before the Count finished his adventure, and decided to take holiday in Port Raleigh. 

Darby is well educated, but booksmart, and sticks with the Count out of the simple fact that he far makes more than his sister, by working for the Count. While he is often busy putting out fires (sometimes literally) in the company, he makes far above the average wage for an Accountant, and isn’t going to find a better deal on the Brick Seas. 



Darby is usually spotted with the Count.

Karl Mordo played by @Darnok

Adventuring Telvokian, Tsunami Survivor, and Right Hand Man of the WTC




TBA (Waiting on darnok to tell me his backstory! :pir-laugh:



Cannon Foundry (Mesabi Landing) 


Waymart Trador (Trador)

A Small Dock (Mesabi Landing)Mesabi Landing Loading and Freight (Mesabi Landing)WTC Offices (Mesabi Landing)



Mardier-ESL War (Challenge)

Fort Agravia (Mesabi Landing)

Mesabi Landing Soccer Team (Trador)

A Bar in Trador (Trador)

Leaving Trador (Trador)

The Hunt of the Saboteur (Minichallenge)

Fighting Pirates (MCRA)

Bottle Factory (Jameston)

The WTC Judgement (Ship)

The Cocovia Wagonway Project

Another Warehouse (Mesabi Landing)

The Trial of Captain Tyrell (found guilty off screen

Mooreton Bay Courthouse (Mooreton Bay)

The Pants Cave (Charlatan Bay)


A Crappy Restaurant (New Haven)

WTC Riff Raft (Ship)

Chaos in Weelond (Weelond)

WTC Dog Days (Ship)

WTC Teamwork (Ship)

Paying off the BoC debt (Arlinsport)

Shako Shanty (Arlinsport)

Coal Mine and Daycare (Mesabi Landing)

Glue Factory (Arlinsport)

Being Robbed in Breshaun (Breshaun)

Joseph Zumbro Introduction (Mesabi Landing)

Geographers (Mesabi Landing)

The Reckoning Chapter 1 (Mesabi Landing)

Waymart Cascadia (Camp Isaac)

Sausage Holder (Mesabi Landing)

Ansa Mesabi Introduction (Misc)

The Reckoning Chapter 2 (Camp Isaac)

HMS Red Angel (Ship)

Ink Factory (Mesabi Landing)

Barrels! (Mesabi Landing)

Fishing! (Mesabi Landing)

Prospecting! (Mesabi Landing)

Stealing from Poorvintia (Poorvintia)

Joseph Zumbro Doesn't read his mail (Mesabi Landing)

University of Tiberia: (Arlinsport)

Ansa Mesabi Fights Pirates (MCRA)

Mercenaries in Fatu Hiva (Challenge)

The Pirate Hunt (AMCRA)

The Reckoning Chapter 3 (Belson)

Jellied Horse in a Can! (Mesabi Landing)

Railside Moonshine (Tsunami Inducer) (Mesabi Landing)

Book Factory (Mesabi Landing)


WTC Libertine (Ship)

The Great Tsunami of Mesabi Landing

Stormhaven Waymart (Stormhaven)

WTC Offices (Arlinsport)

Docks in Quinnsville (Quinnsville)

WTC Rising / Red Sun (Ship)

Stormhaven Post Office (Stormhaven)


Mesabi Landing Halls (Mesabi Landing)

Sandcastles! (Tortuga)

Defending Stormhaven (Stormhaven)

Donations to Terraversa (Wesface)


Wulham Microbuild (Wulham)


To Be Updated!

Edited by Mesabi

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Excellent! The Mesabi Clan!:pir-huzzah2:

It was interesting and fun to learn about the different characters. You wrote very exciting.

You could write a whole series of books about that. Hollywood could turn it into a film series. I would watch the series.

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