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[MOC] Harry Potter 4750 and 4751 - Modern Remakes

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I decided to remake 2 sets from the 2004 Harry Potter line for the Prisoner of Azkaban as modern-day sets. 4750 Draco's Encounter should have Buckbeak as well but neither of the Buckbeak figures are on Studio and even though I kept the figure selection the same, I would also add Lupin to 4751 Harry and the Marauder's Map and maybe Hagrid to 4750. I might upload the instructions to the bricklink gallery as I think all of these parts are in existing colours except the flower piece used on the lock in the 4751 remake - not sure how to replace that.


Hope you like these, both were very quick builds so I'll probably make a few more like this (maybe 4752 Sirius Black's Escape next, after that I might do some of the earlier sets)


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It's a definite improvement over the original, and I like what you did to improve the tree. How do they stack up in terms of the number of pieces vs. the original designs?

I tried to look up other options for your flower piece on the lock, but I can't see what you chose that would need replacing?

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