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[I7 - Sinton - CFS] Appetite for Horror

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Not part of the LTC, just submitting this as a freebuild



Dark skies over Sinton Imperial Outpost OO666. Pilot Klask Rio and his crew have been drugged, arrested, and kept for weeks in a pit behind the outpost. Their only companions are Iktotchi locals. No one in the jail pit were hardened criminals or seemed to have committed any real crimes. Of the locals they had a couple of tax evaders, a shop owner that failed a health inspection, and the mother of a delinquent teen. The teen hadn't been accounted for...

Outpost OO666 was a mere local law enforcement office when the people of Sinton petitioned the Empire for it's installation. 


For the last few years a skeleton crew of the Dekastar Allegiance, one of many Imperial Remnants still operating in the Mid Rim, had started cracking down on the non-human "contracted" labor on the planet. Aside from the mining industry's utilization of slave labor, provided and enforced by the Empire, the inhabitants also found themselves increasingly targeted by the Imperial municipal leaders. It started with the cragmoloids disappearing, likely to the same pit. The quermian's were sent into the mines to replace them, but did not last long. Iakaru workers started asking questions and were gathered to the pit overnight. Now it the pit was full of Iktotchi and Mon Calamari. 



only the back portion of this picture goes with this MOC. The prisoner pit and walkway were already posted as part of the LTC.


The truth of OO666 was much worse than the prisoners could imagine.


Breakdown shot


Thank you Darth Bjorn for the design work for the Dekastar Allegiance flag


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51 minutes ago, Ross Fisher said:

@goatman461 I really like the builds. Nice work. Are you licensing the builds separately? Might be easier to put them in separate threads. 

I submitted them separately. The link at the top goes to the prison pit only one. 


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Woof, chilling. You're great at evoking existential dread, a disturbing kind of unease with no hope in sight. A+ story work.
The build itself turned out great. The surface detailing is so clean, and the sixes on the front actually become sort of the star of the show. The interiors almost feel like an official set: they're clever and packed with detail even while being unavoidably compact.

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