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[MOC] Ghost Ship "Reaper"

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The Reaper emerges from the depths to haunt the seven seas!

50548323772_3c71c372c5_c.jpgLego Ghost Ship, auf flickr

50547456023_cf874e9899_c.jpgLego Ghost Ship, auf flickr

50548190356_a20c0d364e_c.jpgLego Ghost Ship, auf flickr

50548191881_73ef0ce218_c.jpgLego Ghost Ship, auf flickr

I designed this scary vessel in as a Halloween project. It is supposed to stretch the proportions of high build sixteenth century ships to the extreme. The castle-like structures are letting it look like some relic of a distant past compared to the typical Lego pirate ships, so even pirates would fear it as something, that has haunted the seas for centuries.

I would welcome suggestions for the upper most deck, as it looks rather plain right now.

Happy Halloween!

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1 hour ago, Dean2113 said:

impressive design! what technique did you use to create the hull shape?

Thanks! The hull is basically a snot build with different slopes for the front and 2x1x3 inverted slopes in the back. There are some half  brick wide steps in there to get the shape, therefore i had to reinforce it with some technic structures. Then some construction with hinge plates on top. Here is an early wip picture:

50548877637_5d1b1a1523_c.jpgBoat Hull, auf Flickr

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Wow, i love the angled hull and the overall shape. For the empty space: probably there should be some figures around? What kind of crew would you prefer? Ghosts, skeletons...?

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