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I have a question, not specifically about mini-figs, but I bet this is the place to find the expertise I need. You see, I want to have a two tone scheme on my ship builds; one color in side and another on the outside. I'm already infamous for using tape in the past, but, lately I've been considering paint. Despite my willingness to customize, break all "the rules" and do what ever I want, I actually don't want to permanently stain the bricks. I'd like to find a paint which will stick well enough, but come off if needed in the future. It doesn't have to be mini-fig, playable durable. My ships are more model/display than toy. If I could closely (or close enough) match regular Lego red, with such characteristics, I'd be in business. I have an airbrush, so really almost any kind of paint is possible. Does any one have any suggestions or experience on the topic? I'll be truly grateful for any assistance offered.




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Just about any acrylic will scrape off if you use clean / new (unscratched) bricks and do not prime them.

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