[ESL-Ship] La Descoberta - Terraman

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From the Fontonajo dockyard in Nova Terreli comes "La Descoberta", one of the largest ships yet to sail the Brick
Seas. This Terraman with 26 cannons and its two decks gives room for more than 100 crew. It even provides some
cages - both for exotic animals found on adventures towards unknown islands and pirates defeated in battle.

"La Descoberta" will soon set sail to lead the Fontonajo family, the MCTC and Eslandola to new glory.




Additional Pictures:













Some details of the crew:








I actually completed this ship a loooong while ago (more than two years).
However I never found the motivation to post it here. Now here you go.

Sorry for the lack of story... But for what I originally intended I should have
posted it two years ago... And now I didn't come up with anything, unfortunately.

When I started working on this one, I had class 8 in mind.
Looking at all the other ships I think it's probably a class 7.
A total of 26 cannons, and ~50 people (visibly) on board.
Actually I am quite disappointed that I did not take any topshots or other pictures of the deck,
or the lower deck, or the cages with tiger and jaguar in them, and so on... So
many details have not been covered in pictures... I even took a lot of effort to
build varied colour trans plates behind the windows, but you cannot see anything
of that... well well, photographing this large MOC was quite an effort..

Whatever, no way to change any of this now, so here you go.

You can see some of this on this WIP here, but that's far from the finished one:





Edit: I have discussed stats with Capt Wolf and we decided upon the following:

Class 8
Range = 5
Maneuver = 3
Guns = 6
Crew = 5
Cargo = 7
Hull = 4

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Beautiful ship. :pir-wub:

I love all that dark brown and I'm impressed that you managed to achieve the relatively smooth bow despite stacking 2 of the prefab pieces. That ain't easy. I also like seeing someone actually try to do somewhat realistic shrouds using the available pieces. The stern looks pretty good and all those cannons would make her a well-armed trader! Good work. :thumbup:

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I remember have seen the wip pics of this beast in the shipwright thread a couple of years ago, and it's great to see it in its final form.

A very nice looking terraman, with plenty of details, I especially like the richly decorated bow and stern, and the way you've widened the hull with slope bricks, I also noticed that you only used the upper part of the prefab bow, and the result is quite good. Good job with the sails too. If there's anything to change, it might be these large guns as bow and stern chasers, they are as large as those mounted on the gundeck *oh2*, have you considered using some custom guns to represent smaller calibers?

And by judging it's length, I think it should be a class 8.:pir-thumb:

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Big and beautiful!  Great ship, worthy of the Fontonajos.  Really like the sails and the love you put into the crew too.  Wish I could see it IRL, it looks good in the pictures but must be pretty epic in person!

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:02 PM, Elostirion said:

many details have not been covered in pictures... I even took a lot of effort to

I understand completely what you mean..

The stern is original, I love that you just put to bowpieces on top of each other also at the bow, the crew is very cool (very detailed). A very big, beautiful & colorful Eslandolan ship! One minor fault is the use of wood-bricks in the sides of the ship.


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I'm not really a ship builder so all I can say is that this is beautiful vessel and those sails look amazing!

Kinda want to start building a ship now so kudos to you :thumbup:

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What a beautiful ship! I've said it before, but I'm not really versed in the field of ships, so I can't tell if something is off or not, but as a MOC it is really beautiful! I really like the color blocking and the way you did the rear of the ship. The build is full of details and the crew looks very original as well. Love those custom torsos.

I also like the sails you made. Inspired by the sails of the Imperial Flagship (or what's it called)? The tan feathered shade along the edges of the sails are just a tad bit too harsh to my liking, though. I'd put those at 50% opacity so the result is a bit more subtle, but overall I really like the self-made sails!

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