[L9 - Coruscant - CorSec] Old, but still useful

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Coruscant. The busy centre of the universe, the place to be. After we've beaten the Imps Corsucant was chosen as the home of new parliament, the new armed forces HQ and so it became an even busier place. My uncle Han was promoted to General and imprisoned (his words, not mine) in an office in near the Jedi Senate building. He hated it, but he also was aware of the giant task to rebuild the defenses of the New Republic. So it was a surprise to receive a transmission via a Bothan messenger in which Han asked me to respond to his office as soon as possible.


"So, Han, what do you need? You live in the shiny centre of everything and if you want you could rejoin the smugglers guild - nobody would stop a General and war hero. What you definetely need is some new furniture. This useless rubbish is from  .. from your hideout in Corellia"

"Don't you dare to talk trash about my furniture. It is old, but it has some benefits.. And yeah, just make fun of me. If feel like a porg in golden cage. I hate those damned offices, bureaucrats, meetings, workshops etc etc. This is not my world. No shootings, no chase, no... ah forget it. But: It is not what it seems to be. There are rumors, that there is a secret, criminal organisation undermining the New Republic, especially the armed forces....."


50533859277_9c6f567b6a_c.jpgCPQ3 by Jan Südmersen, auf Flickr

"Well, I sensed something seeing this two Rebublic Guards in your office. What is it?

"I don't know. But it seems that they try to bribe higher ranks.  That is what I discovered. I fired some officers and that made me a target. And that is the reason why I need you and CorSec to clean up ths mess - I can't trust anybo..."  TWAAAT  TWAAAT TWAAT


The alarm went off. The Guards were charging their weapons and running for the next assembly point.



"Great. Now we are on our own. And without any blaster..."


"We are not defenseless. There are secret compartment in that "useless" furniture.."




"And they have armor plates to provide some solid cover...."  

"Hm. I need one of those.... old but still useful."


Intense blaster shoots, heavy explosions and loud screaming in the Corridor  - a fight was going on.

Then silence. And some mechanical sounds in the dark, slow klicks coming straight towards them.....

To be continued.

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Great fun. I might suggest that the klaxons produce a different noise though; that particular one has another meaning in the UK...

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Fantastic office and great story!

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