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Is it available anywhere the 6285 BSB Prototype?

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I searched online and on here but I found nowhere any information about the prototype that lead to the construction of the actual model. I was wondering if the original author left somewhere anything about how the Black Seas Barracuda was before becoming what it is. Plans, drawings, photographs, etc. I think it would be cool to see the process behind that masterpiece, to see what got included and left out because of lack of parts or Lego's reluctance to make new parts. 


We sort of have prototype photos of the Barracuda Bay,, some pictures can be seen here: 

Behind the scenes of LEGO Ideas 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay with designers Milan Madge and Austin Carlson [Feature] | The Brothers Brick | The Brothers Brick (brothers-brick.com)

21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay: Designer interview with Milan Madge & Austin William Carlson | New Elementary: LEGO® parts, sets and techniques

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That's an interesting question.  It was a very different world 30+ years ago when the BSB was being designed, so I doubt if there's much documentation out there.  Perhaps some personal photos that designers took at work that might show it, or early product photography with a not-yet-complete design might exist somewhere, but I would be surprised if there were anything more than that out there.  I wonder if anything was unearthed when they did the re-release in 2002 or if they just pulled up the instructions and made the couple of necessary changes and called it a day?

Is anyone here able to contact Niels Milan Pederse directly to ask?  As of just last year he was still working on set design for TLG, and has quite the catalog of incredible sets!  -->  Sets by Niels Milan Pederse

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59 minutes ago, Alazon said:

Have you checked out issue 10 of Brick Fanatics? In the magazine, there are some interesting stories about how the whole Pirate theme came to pass: https://www.brickfanatics.com/pirates-30-years-of-lego-treasure/

Maybe I can send you a few pages from that issue as a DM ...

I didn't know about that magazine. I wonder if that issue can be still purchased because I wouldn't mind having it.

I was interested in actual pictures of prototypes or just drawings that brought the creator to the actual ship we got... that would be very interesting from a creative point of view and also one could try to reinstate some of the discarded ideas or features that didn't made it because at the time it might not have complied to the total amount of bricks allowed in a set.

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