As the youngest and newest member of the crew about the Nymeria, young Jaime had the pleasure of doing all the unwanted tasks aboard the ship, left by the more senior crew. When he heard the Nymeria was headed to Mesabi Landing to trade, he knew this was his chance, and secretly began preparations, stowing small parts of cargo away to keep for himself to sell. Once the ship docked, and the cargo was unloaded (and his stolen portion quietly offloaded elsewhere), he finally got his permission to see the town. He turned back to the crew, gave them a smile and said "I hope you all get eaten by Dolphins" then disappeared into the crowd. When the time had come for the Nymeria to disembark, he was nowhere to be found, and a good thing too, the Crew would have strung him up if they could find him, for stealing part of the cargo and taking a significant chunk out of their profits.    Meanwhile, young Jaime was living the dream. He sold his goods, and was hidden out in the Sunken District of the city, and procured a small shanty away from prying eyes. He holed up there until he knew the Nymeria had left the port, and any danger to him was gone. To pass the time, he relied on every Sea Rat's favorite go-to.....rum and pleasurable company. And with coin in his pocket, neither were in short supply (for now). Who knows what the future holds for Jaime, but that is not something young Sea Rats generally think about, at least while they still have coin      To be licensed as a small residence in Mesabi Landing, as the result of the chance roll for docking at the port.