MOC Wild West General Store

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Over the past month or so I have been working on my newest creation, The Wild West General Store! I tried packing it will cool little details while not making it look too messy. If you have any ideas for improvements they are always welcome. 

I hope you like it! :classic:

It is also on LEGO Ideas if you want to support it. 

50514899047_f5ed44a5a5_c.jpgLayer 1 by Da Mangos, on Flickr

50514900017_01b683d4f9_c.jpgLayer 2 by Da Mangos, on Flickr

50514737496_33d3080f54_c.jpgLayer 3 by Da Mangos, on Flickr

50514022208_7edb3119cd_c.jpgLayer 4 by Da Mangos, on Flickr

50514022033_0ab51de2ca_c.jpgLayer 5 by Da Mangos, on Flickr


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Very nice! Picking up a lot of influence from last year's ADP saloon - the base, the siding color and technique, the skull, and the pillars in particular. The drab palette is appealing and I always love a solid Western build. Nicely done!

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