New ESP32-based open source hub for control+, spike prime, powered-up, wedo 2.0

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Hey guys, I'm new to this place, but when I think of who I'm making this hub for, it seems like I've found the right place. I'd like to start this topic both to point you to my current Kickstarter campaign as well as see what discussion occurs around this project - maybe I was way off altogether, or maybe I should have started this discussion like a year ago, or who knows - maybe I just didn't post in the right place.

It's called the Evlono. In general, it's an ESP32-based, Lego-embeddable, open-source controller with 3 ports, a built-in speaker, some LEDs, and some other nice hardware goodies (USB Power Devilery, WiFi, Bluetooth). It's programmed over Arduino. A co-processor handles all the communication to and from Lego devices and manages PID control of the motors, and the ESP32 issues it commands over I2C with an Arduino library. Let me know what you think. The link is here: Below you can see a quick GIF of an Evlono taking some motors through some steps functions. 



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