Commodore Argentum's Disappointment

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Captain Argentum, having ruthlessly plucked the image of Lady Cora from his heart, ground his teeth and turned to set himself to his new task: ridding the brick seas of their greatest plague.  Catching sight of a bit of a rag flapping on the horizon, he shouted for his spyglass.


“Aye, aye, Cap’n,” the cabin boy sputtered, hoping the Captain wouldn’t notice that he’d been using the spyglass to stir the galley fire.

Sure enough, Captain Argentum swung the glass to his eye without blinking, and he shouted in eager excitement when he saw the far-off flag.  “Hoist the sails,” he bellowed.  “Full chase!  With this wind, we’ll bear down on ‘em in no time!  Ho, lubbers!  Shake a leg!”  He clapped the first mate on the back in excitement and left a smear of charcoal all over that officer’s immaculate uniform.

The Lady Cora, followed by the other ships in the squadron, bore heavily down on the chased vessels.  Only minutes later, the first broadsides thundered over the water.

Captain Argentum’s delight knew no bounds when a flutter of white ran to the mastheads of the enemy ships.  He ordered out the dingy and rowed speedily over to take control and see what kind of a prize he’d caught.

The first mate stood on the decks of the Lady Cora, stroking his chin.  “It beats all!” he muttered.

“What’s that?” the cabin boy asked, inquisitively.

“Why, boy, we’ve made the biggest pirate catch in years.  I declare, if we haven’t captured the Cannonball, the Clearance, and the Swift – and run the Red Dragon to the bottom.  But it does beat all—how’d the Cap’n knew them was pirates, even though they was flying the Corry flag?”

A strange cry wafted to them over the waters.

It was Commodore Argentum bellowing in disgust at the dirty trick he’d been played.

This is a MRCA result from several turns ago.  Before the Commodore was lost at sea.  :pir-laugh:  I'm getting to that, I promise!

C&C welcome!  Hopefully I'll be back with my bricks for the next chapter!

Edited by Kai NRG

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Nice to see Commodore Argentum making a return Kai, I look forward to his continuing antics!

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Good to see you continuing your story, @Kai NRG, even if it's without the benefit of Bricks. I really wish I had done something with Count Mesabi in the meantime (instead of leaving @Darnok out to dry while I got super into adeptus mechanicus warhammer :pir-sceptic:) so it's good to see you continuing things in the meantime, so you won't have so much catching up to do later.

I hope life finds you back at your bricks in the future, uncle has quite a few people to hang from trees!  (And I greatly enjoy your stories and builds) :pir-grin:



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Just realized I did not reply to any of your comments!  Thank you all three, I really appreciate it and hope the next instalment makes up for the smallness of this one!

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