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Capt Wolf

Settlement: Ceniza Bajo, Eileanne neh Luithhr (aka Luther Islands), Eslandola

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Settlement Name: Ceniza Bajo

Ownership: Eslandola

Location: second largest island of the Eileanne neh Luithhr archipeligo (aka Luther Islands) (New Haven Sea, Island #9)

Mayor: TBD

Size: Hamlet

Who can own property in Ceniza Bajo: Anyone, from any faction.

Who can freebuild in Ceniza Bajo: Anyone, from any faction.

Fortifications: none.

Troops: As of Oct. 13, 620, none.

Please post a link to any free-builds that take place in Ceniza Bajo in this thread.

Island/archipeligo nickname: The Volcano

Geographical Features: A group of small islands, the largest of which is dominated by an enormous active volcano. Vegetation is sparse on the main island with no permanent source of freshwater available. The second largest island; however, contains a small freshwater lake and a large natural harbour that explorers have observed could easily be fortified to make a formidable anchorage.

Aesthetics: The volcanic nature of the islands is reflected in the materials used to pave the streets and build the houses. The architecture displays a mixture of colonial style, wealth, but also solidity and practicality - because life in a trading town is not about displaying luxury, but about getting the work done, and living a good life. The settlement is new, and the houses show little to no signs of erosion. Ceniza Bajo is built on the ruins of an ancient native civilization, that once used to live where the Eslandolans have now settled. The remainders of the natives have been recycled and integrated into the town - that’s why quite a few gardens are home to a totem or some other random weird sculpture.

Rumours: Geologists speculate that the volcanic nature of these islands probably contain significant mineral wealth, most likely with larger levels of iron, copper and mercury.

Map to come.


- Townhouse (medium residence)
- Fruit merchant (small commerce)
- Beach house (small residence)
- Apple orchard (medium plantation)
- Augustus's villa (medium residence)
- Carrot farm (small plantation)
- Tavern (small artisan) 


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A beach house (small residence)


… and an apple orchard (medium plantation)



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