Recently stationed in the north of Corrington, Captain Brickleton receives orders to gather his company of infantry and light cavalry and to head south to the port at Belson. With the season changing and the cold winds beginning to blow, he is most ready to head south. While he had distinguished himself as a tactician and leader in past engagements, indiscretions with a general's daughter have stunted his career prospects. He looks on his new orders as a chance to get back in his superiors' good graces. He suspects upon reaching Belson he will learn that he is being sent to the Sea of Thieves to support Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock. Time will tell. He also looks forward to seeing his father, a retired general, when he returns to Belson. Captain Brickleton has his men break camp and form up to begin the long march south. "A Messenger Arrives in Camp" "Breaking Camp and Preparing To Head South"