[MOC] LL885- New Coalition Repair Freighter

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So here it is- my SHIPtember 2020 work. 

This SHIP has a few little things I tried to do to make this one distinct from everything else I have done before while still fitting in with my fleet.  I really think overall it turned out well- so if you want to come on the build journey, read on!


Build Log:


Day 4:

Yes, day 4- couldn't find the immediate motivation to start building, but with my friend, @Si-MOCs participating this year, I felt the itch to give it another go.  I have two young kiddos who are doing full distance learning, so while I am home, the prospect of being in the LEGO lair is somewhat daunting, so I need to steal time here and there to work.  My wife is understanding, but she is also an extrovert, which means I need to watch the kids a few nights a week up to bed time so she can have whatever social interactions she can muster.

We start where I always start, a base and a frame.  Or in this case, two bases, and two frames.  Due to the length of this ship, for both purposes of moving it plus the eventual modular nature of this build, I am going to have an engine and bridge section that is detachable from the main ship.



The orange SHIP in the back was actually built for a Virtual BrickWorld 2020 event and was built in a about two weeks or so for demonstration purposes.  I think in the most technical of senses, it is not done, so it has not been photographed.

Day 6:

It may not seem like a lot of work between these two days, but it is important to get a start- and there are several things that happened here to help set me up.  First, I actually spent day 5 sketching how I wanted this rear section to look. Second, I built the "forks" that will ensure the rear engine/bridge section can attach to the SHIP.  Third, I built the underside of the hull and built attachment points for the first angled sections of the hull.  I also started working on some shaping on the angles sections as well decided to sprinkle in a bit more dark bluish gray than "normal" for my fleet builds.



Day 8:

Good early progress is made- probably because I have a good idea  of what I want this part of the ship to look like thanks to my sketch.  The side hulls are build up and engine cluster extension is starting to take shape.  I also have built a standardized docking ring that I have attached to all my SHIPs to allow them to interact with smaller support ships (if which I really have only built 1) or perhaps a space station docking port... more on that later?




Day 9:

Flipping over to the other side, the engine cluster extension is built, and the engine cluster is up next.  You can see a couple of smaller engines also make it onto the bottom of the rear section here which will, of course, be lit up like all my SHIPs tend to do.  You can see a pile of engine cowlings (aka pearl dark gray wheels) on the workspace ready for installation.




Day 10:

The rest of the engine cluster is complete and you can see the wires for the engine lighting showing up top as well.  I also have a decent number of coaster tracks that will make its way into this build, and here is some of the first additions right here.



Day 11:

One of the better days for progress here as the detailing is done on the top and back of the ship which includes a pair of engine cores complete with lighting effects.  I also added a pair of angled shuttle bays along with lighting for each.  One of the things this SHIP will feature quite a bit is an asymmetric design detail, and here is the first sign of it.



Day 12:

Another good day of progress- thank you Saturday!- as the bridge is complete as well as any greebling on the front of this section.  Again, the bridge is asymmetric.  Here I am checking the alignment with the bridge section with the frame of the "main" section of the SHIP.




Day 17:

Wow.  Been a while since I snapped a photo, but here is the update- the main section of the ship is under construction with the main feature of the ship shown here- a large repair platform.  The platform is supported underneath by some large supports, made out of coaster track.  There are a few changes that will be made from here- I think the width of the main part of the SHIP is too narrow, as is the repair platform.  My son Miles (age 7) also built a little black "cran" arm for me, as you can see in the foreground here.  It doesn't make it into the SHIP as I elected to keep it together as a little keepsake instead.  You can also see some coaster track over top of the repair arms.  This will be used for its actual purpose... to support a coaster car which will feature a large crane arm in the final model.



Day 21:

Moving over to the backside of the SHIP.  You can see the coaster car at the top of the ship as well as I begin work on the backside of the ship.  It will not feature the repair platform, but instead a shuttle bay, some mechanical details and a... well.. not sure yet...



Day 25:

Another angled hanger bay is built as well as the mechanical details.  The orange hull us also shaping up with some dark orange striping to boot.


Day 26:

The hanger top is built as well as the hull over the second opening. 


Still day 26- but some big improvements continue.  The rest of the hull is done along with the numbering.  There is still a lot left to do, even at this juncture.  There is nothing on the front of the ship, there is still a large hole in the hull on the side, the main crane isn't built, there are missing mechanical details on top, including a couple of overview towers on the repair platforms and some cable supports on the platform.  I also want to add a couple of engines under this section so when it is not connected to the engine cluster, it could still have some propulsion.  This will be the last WIP before the final ship is complete.



And now for the other glamour shots:


A detail overview shot- showing what filled the hole- with a cargo deck as well as a fighter launch rack- in the side of the ship as well as the addition of the main crane arm and the support cables and towers.





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Waaaaa *oh2*! This is insane! Your ships just keep getting better and better! Love the design, and a repair freighter is a wonderful addition. The color blocking is so good, and the lighting just completes the whole thing. I think I'm in love! :wub_drool:

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Absolutely mind-blowing! 

Your signature color scheme is so well though of, and works perfectly together with your personal armada. 
But seeing those little yellow mechanical arms working together is just so soothing and fulfilling! I truly love the landing bay as well.
I'm always in awe for minutes when checking your ships, as little details start popping off the screen. 

Amazing work, man. Keep the orange armada growing!

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It was really cool watching this one come together on your flickr, but the final product is so much more than the sum of its parts.  Another excellent addition to your very impressive fleet, and kudos for banging out such a beast in under a month!

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Thanks for your interest everyone.

Do people like seeing the WIP construction stuff, or is it more of a final shot with fantasy details is better type situation?

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I love seeing your WIP construction pics, I find it is a great source of inspiration for building techniques :)

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Utterly insane sir....

Absolutely loved watching this come together, this is how SHIPtember is done...


But ... did you add in the black arm !?!? I MUST KNOW.

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I love reading through the days of this assembly :)

You build insanely quick... and must have a hangar for building!

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On 10/10/2020 at 1:54 PM, Si-MOCs said:

Utterly insane sir....

Absolutely loved watching this come together, this is how SHIPtember is done...


But ... did you add in the black arm !?!? I MUST KNOW.

Thank you secret nemesis.  I learned from you so that I may destroy you.  I hope you enjoyed your last reign at the top. 

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