(MOC) Working 9V Train turntable

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Here are a few pictures and a video of my 9V Train turntable.

I control each lane with a switch to power ON or OFF

The turntable has a rubber wheel which runs on the roadplate, motor are in the green house, wires going under the table from the center point.


Purist WARNING :wink:



Wires have been modified,

9V switch turning into turntable is also modified,



50410738566_a8964c1797_b.jpg2020-09-22 21.09.50 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr

50410888337_247d3c9076_b.jpg2020-09-22 21.09.41 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr

50410030863_310122252d_b.jpg2020-09-22 20.55.05 by Thomas Mouridsen, on Flickr



More from my city:


In some areas I have found inspiration from other builders and therefore credit must be given to them.

Inspiration found at:



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Wonderful layout. The turntable really fits at the end of the loop and looks great. I like how you kept the profile low enough to use without having to have an incline. The structures, locomotives, and rolling stock are great as well. I see it even delivers adult beverages!

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