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(MOD /MOC) Jurassic World - Fallen Kingdom - The Lockwood Estate

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Never posted before in Lego Licenced, here goes. 

This is my mod of the Lockwood Estate, and  the JP set. 

Lockwood Estate


It is built on a 32x32 and a 16x32 plate. There's a load in the basement as well. But first, the building itself.

Lockwood Estate

Here is the building. The contents of the set are removable.

Lockwood Estate

I set a floor in and some stairs. 

Lockwood Estate

Here's the JP set's new home. 

Lockwood Estate

There's some more of it.

Lockwood Estate

Kitchen and door to a Dino pen.

Lockwood Estate

The pen itself. 

Lockwood Estate

Car and storage. 

Well, I think I have given my Lockwood Estate a good cellar. 

Comments and Criticisms accepted! 










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