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I'd like to share my most recent model - 1:10.5 replica of 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. Boss 429 was the high performance variant of first generation Mustang, equipped with a powerful 7.0 V8 engine. Only 1359 were made, and now there is one more :D

Watch it in all its glory:


  • RC drive - RWD with differential, 2x L motors
  • RC transmission - 4 speeds, sequential, M motor
  • Detailed V8 engine replica with fan connected directly to propulsion motors
  • RC steering - with moving steering wheel, M motor
  • Front suspension - double wishbone
  • Rear suspension - floating axle
  • Openable hood with lock controlled from the cabin
  • Openable doors with locks
  • Openable trunk
  • Adjustable seats (sliding forward - backward and seatback angle adjustment)
  • RC front lights

Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details.





I am quite happy with how I managed to include all the functions without compromising on proportions and interior in a relatively small model (46cm long). The biggest challenges were to fit piston engine over the suspension with the blue air intake under the hood without lifting it (as the result I had to make the hood hollow below the external air intake but still it was tight) and to fit interior over the gearbox. For that purpose I made the transmission very flat with gear shifting shaft actually crossing the drive shaft... (can be seen in action in the video - 2:30)


I hope you liked this model.

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Love it! Really liked the side view comparison in the beginning of the video.

Nice mechanism for locking the doors with the rubber piece.

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Very nice build! I especially like the rear view, very cool! The air intake infront of the rear wheel arch has to go further back, but other than that the proportions look pretty good :classic:

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Incredible build - so many functions! It may sound odd but one of my favourite functions that you have managed to squeeze into this beauty is actually the very compact door locking mechanism - I love the use of those rubber Technic parts!

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Incredible model. I was also a fan of your baja bug. And the video is really well done and refreshing !

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