[J7 - Iridonia - CFS] A Day at the Swoop Races

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The love of Swoop racing brought the people of Iridonia together like nothing else could. It was also when they were happiest with their despotic ruler, so there were a lot of races. And who knows what kind of espionage was happening behind the scenes? A race was a pretty good time to get things done without anyone noticing. What kind of tampering and untampering might have happened in the garages? What conversations in private boxes overheard? What important things disappear while the populace flock to the circuit?
                The tyrant Kesh started the race with a lordly wave of his hand. It would go on for hours. Not a bad window for some skullduggery . . .




“AND WE'RE RIGHT IN THE THICK OF IT, FRIENDS! If you're tuning in or just emerged from a spice-laden coma, this is the exciting, high-flying, skin-ripping, pulse-pounding Kathadi Classic, and I'm your dazzling announcer: Jabric Kooms! We've got drama at turn 19! With Joddi Samor on his tail, Captain Pheonix is coming up behind Abalel and he's going for the pass, friends! It's the narrowest part of the track, and a hairpin turn; a dangerous time to try to get ahead! He's accelerating...he's coming up on Abalel's left...will they smash into each other? You might see some wreckage today, friends! He's creeping up...ooh, I can't watch. But I will anyway! So narrow! So close! So likely to turn into a dramatic fireball! But...but...ooh my! I can't believe it, he's done it! The noble and mysterious Captain Pheonix has broken into 4th place, sending Abalel back to 5th! What a risk! What a payoff! What a move!”


The Racers



The mysterious and noble Captain Phoenix, riding the Blue Phoenix.




Joddi Somar doesn't take guff from anyone. She rides the Outlander Steed.




The methodical Abalel rides the Wavedasher.



Who could forget Jabric Kooms? Renowned Swoop Commentarist!



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I really dig the track and angled mounting of it, the commentator stands work well too - especially with the SW atmosphere, reminding me of the Mos Espa viewing platforms

I like the colours used on the bikes too,

great job

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Your angled track is amazing! The speeders seem a little simple, but your sense of action is great!

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The motion feel is very well executed. The perspective also works for the tower in the back. Good work!

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