Jack Skellington House for my Halloween Village

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Based off Stephen Gofer's Jack and Sally MOC, figuring out how to build this behemoth was quite the challenge. In the end it just barely was taller than the new Haunted House. Using only the few pictures available, I had to guess how a lot of the house was constructed while making sure it was stable enough to live with my 2 younger daughters. I constructed the whole thing as 4 separate sections that all come apart and slide in together using a large technic axle. Here's a few more images: Jack Skellington Album with a video of it spinning 360 degrees. 



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10 minutes ago, tedthomas199 said:

seriously, how sturdy is this moc? fabulous as it is.

It's pretty sturdy, I fixed my imgur link which shows it spinning in one of the images. I built it in 4 main sections that all connect with a technic axle from the base of the house to the roof section. Being able to pull it apart makes it easy to transport. 

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That looks beautiful! What a brilliant design it is! Impressive you managed to build it quite sturdy too. 

Glad you found it and reverse engineered it (to a degree), I'd not have known about it otherwise, and I love 'haunted' stuff such as this. 

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