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[MOC] Sloop in the Black Seas Barracuda Style

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This is a small project i'm currently working on. I designed a rough prototype with my own bricks to create the shape of the hull and to figure out the right distaces inbetween the parts. Then i build the ship in studio and gave it the colours of the black seas barracuda. I would love to get some suggestions for different colour palettes, preferably with a light and dark bluish gray hull, because i've got a lot of those parts already. In the future i might buy the parts i need to build this ship in real.



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2 hours ago, SteamSewnEmpire said:

Somehow I missed this. I love it! One small bit of advice: make the mainmast about 1/3rd taller. It's *slightly* too short right now. 

Thanks, I don’t know a whole lot about the proper proportions of sailing ships. Could you point me towards some good resources for that kind of knowledge?

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