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This lego GBC module uses a conveyor built out of technic engine block pieces to lift the balls. It is powered by a lego XL motor and fully meets the GBC standard, infarct it can actually run reliably at almost twice the required speed for the great ball contraption standard, although it runs more reliably at slower speeds. I originally made this module after chatting with some friends about how we all have so many of the engine block pieces that we almost never use any. This is basically a product of trying to use theme in some way. If you would like to build it I have the free instructions and 3D file on Rebrickable, created in BrickLink Studio. If you have any trouble feel free to contact me and I would be glad to help, hope you like the module! :) Photos on Flickr.

Don't know what is happening with the Flickr  and YouTube links but they are not working, here is the youtube video.


Lets see if this works.....

YES! Not sure what was happening before.

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1 hour ago, Doug72 said:

Looks good, I have loads of these parts, finally a non car use for them !


Hahaha, yes, I think that most technic builders have a few too many of them. I came up with this after seeing this car by R. Beckett 1280x974.jpg

(I think it was for a contest here a few years ago)

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