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Count Vroskri

SR FB3 Sean Greybeard's Story - Part 6 - The Dark Message and A Hopeful Light

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September 10th, 620 

Tortuga, Sea Turtle Island. 


Sean looked across Tortuga's Docks, and noticed a man running towards him. 

Sean Greybeard 7

The man was bald, dressed in ragged clothes, and he ran up to Sean.

' Excuse me,  but are you Sean 'Greybeard ' Fortescue ? ' The man asked. His voice gave impressions of him being a corlander, but no - one knew much about each other in Tortuga.

' Yes' Said Sean. 'What message do you bring?' 

'Sean' The messager spoke. 'Your father, Henry Jonathan Fortescue, has been violently murdered.' 

Sean Greybeard 7

Sean Gritted his teeth. Dick had got there first. Father had made many enemies in his time, but he hadn't expected it from his own son. 

Sean's cook, Legless Bill, approached him. 

' What are you going to do?' He asked. 

Sean Greybeard 7

' I will go to see Madame Loue.' said Sean. 

'Madame Who?' asked the confused cook. 

'Madame Loue. The clairvoyant. Sees the future. So they say, at least.' Sean explained. 

'Where's she to be found, captain?' Asked the cook, still none the wiser. 

'Oh, the nearest pub.' replied Sean half heartedly. 

                     - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Sean entered the pub. The whole scene displayed an aura of absolute chaos. It seems that they had been playing cards, but they had obviously devolved, because of the drink they seemed adamant on consuming. 


Sean Greybeard 7


'So Where's your Madame Loue?' asked the cook. 

'There she is.' Sean pointed to the back of the room. 'The Women with the white dress, and the red hair.' 

Sean made his way over to her.

Sean Greybeard 7


'I assume you want me to tell you your future.' 

'Yes ', Sean replied, but he was sceptic. 

' You have lost someone who is close to you..... You will go on a crusade..... You must...... Find your brother.....' 

To Sean, that made sense. 

She stood if the barrel and stared Sean straight in the eyes. 

Sean Greybeard 7


' I hope you have a ship', She said. 'Because tomorrow we sail to Raider's Haven, in the Lowers'.

She turned and left. 

                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Thanks for reading the last Sean Greybeard's Story. Obviously his saga isn't over, as I'm working on sequels. 

His story will be continued in Exploring Raider's Haven. 

I hope you enjoyed the read. 

This is a freebuild, but not a business of any kinds. When I reveal all my land mocs, they will be licenced. 



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3 hours ago, Count Vroskri said:

His story will be continued in Exploring Raider's Haven. 


Great opening to a much bigger series of adventures! The small vignettes are great too!

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@ Count Vroskri, I like your stories! I also like the buildings. They look like favelas in Rio de Janeiro. That is not a negative. It fits and looks really good.

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Thanks, I've written them already and built some, so I think it'll be fun exploring it. Other  sea rats can build these exploratory mocs too. 


Thanks, they were supposed to look a bit like those. 


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