Brickheadz Moaning Myrtle (of Harry Potter)

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Moaning Myrtle is a fictional character of Harry Potter: a ghost that haunts the first-floor girls' lavatory at Hogwarts.
She died while a student at Hogwarts probably in 1943. She then hid in the girls' lavatory and she loved to flirt Harry.
"Harry, if you die down there, you're welcome to share my toilet."

50323801401_29e618e443_3k.jpgIMG_1516 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr

50323980597_c13ef4def4_4k.jpgIMG_1515 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr

50323976752_847795cace_3k.jpgIMG_1634 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr

50323131543_39d1d6de85_4k.jpgIMG_1619 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr

50323152838_1a4338ebd1_4k.jpgIMG_1644 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr

50323129013_8e88fdfada_4k.jpgIMG_1642 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr

50323978367_a08eb962ab_4k.jpgIMG_1536 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr




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Oh hey! I really like her! This really captures the character, and Myrtle is such fun anyway. (And rather neatly, a good deal more relevant to the stories than one might think at first glance, certainly when contrasted with Peeves.)

Your inclusion of the toilet made me chuckle, but it was clearly a must, and the clear bricks at the bottom are very effective at conveying her ghostly status. 

Thanks for sharing your MOC. :classic:

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Very nice!  Chamber of Secrets is actually my favourite film as it’s the most accurate to the book.  It’s Myrtle‘s main appearance, as well, making it a fantastic film.

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