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[Sand Castle Contest, Cat B] FORE!

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5 September 620



Over a full month had passed, since we last saw the New Nassau sand castle team, arrive on Tortuga, and stake their claim. Yet, despite being the first group to arrive on the island, their parcel of sand still lies blank and untouched. McClanahan, to pass the time, had purchased a special club and some balls, which the merchant had told him was a new game called "golf". While the goal was to hit the balls into the bucket, McClanahan much preferred smacking it as hard and far as he could. Meanwhile, Prof. Thompson, was at wits end yelling and screaming at Homer and Ulysses. "Its the last day of the contest, and we have NO sandcastle built. I absolutely can not believe it! I should have chosen a more competent team that would actually listen to me."




As Professor Thompson continued to yell and berate the crew, he suddenly stopped mid-sentence, eyes rolled back into his head, and fell face forward into the sand. McClanahan let out a loud "FORE!", albeit a bit too late. The Professor was out cold, hit with a golf ball to the back of the head. The monkeys looked at each other, and said "well, that's one way to shut him up", McClanahan, at first appalled what he had done, but after confirming the Professor was still breathing, gathered his wits and got Ulysses and Homer together. "We still have a chance to win this contest. I have an idea, I just need your help to get it done. We have all these barrels full of sand we brought from New Nassau, lets use them."





As the afternoon sun waned to evening, the trio completed their work, and sat back to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Having taken a liking to this new game of golf, the team designed and built a working sand castle golf course, complete with a windmill obstacle.  And for those wondering, why yellow? Well, the team hails from New Nassau, on Isla de Barro, an island known for its putrid yellow soil that stains the beaches with its color. No dyes (or fish oil) needed. And, drinking is highly encouraged while playing, sure to make it popular with Sea Rats :pir-huzzah2:

Be on the lookout, this new game is sure to sweep across the islands faster than the news of the invasion of Terraversa :pir-grin:





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On 9/6/2020 at 1:10 AM, Count Vroskri said:

Great idea and moc, I'm loving the Sea Rats flag. 


On 9/6/2020 at 8:39 AM, Fraunces said:

Lol kudos for the great idea :pir-grin:

And of-course very well executed! 


On 9/6/2020 at 12:41 PM, Ayrlego said:

Great idea and very nicely done!


On 9/6/2020 at 1:45 PM, blackdeathgr said:

Another great idea and entry!


18 hours ago, Mesabi said:

Great build, I'm very impressed!


12 hours ago, Professor Thaum said:

So am I, a very clever one !

I like the whole : the build, the story, excellent !

Thanks everyone. I had another idea I was planning on doing, but needed some stuff for Bricklink, which would not have made it to me in time. So this was the second choice, but I'm glad I went with it. I ordered the golf club and it just arrived the 4th (cut it close). And I didn't build anything until I had the club in hand. I probably could have built a little bit nicer designed castle, but overall I think it still flows with the Mini Golf theme, particularly being made of sand, not of wood or stone. The yellow sand was planned from the beginning, as I have a very limited supply of small tan brick (lots of plates and large panels), so I made the most of the resources available to me in New Nassau.

Edited by Corweena

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10 hours ago, Captain Braunsfeld said:

That is my most favorite entry!

Excellent stuff!

Thank you Captain! While I feel my execution could have been a bit better if I had more time, I am proud of the idea of the build as a whole lol. Was fun to build something  little fun and silly, vs the normal builds. 

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