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[WorldBuilder] Heroes Of Olympus: Greek Gods as Superheroes

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Hey all after having been away from moc making i was sent a message about a new website where you can submit Lego themes, i have started work on a new theme that takes Greek gods and mythology and brings them into the real world as sort of superheroes - think of it like Thor, Loki, odin etc from the marvel movies, Mount Olympus for example is located on a mountain overlooking a city and is similar to the Hall of Justice from Dc, the basic plot is Hades is a bit sick of always being left out and ignored and wants to be the centre of things so he brings together Myths and Legends from Greek lore and uses them as an army to try and take over the overworld 

i think this would be a great way to get some Greek related builds and figures whilst still being intresting and unique with its modern twist any support would be greatly appreciated

Below are the current completed Gods/Heroes still have a fair few more to go












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That is a fantastic idea!

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Although not as direct a lift as Thor and Loki are from Norse mythology to the Marvel Universe, the DC Universe already has heroes inspired by Greek legend. Wonder Woman - an Amazon princess - and Aquaman - an Atlantean prince/king - are the most prominent examples and LEGO has done both. In the Marvel Universe, Hercules/Heracles already exists though not done by LEGO. All this is to say that because of its thematic similarity to existing IP (either done by LEGO or not) and possible conflicts with licences LEGO already has to do Marvel and DC, LEGO may be reluctant to do a Greek mythology superhero line.

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And they already did non-IP related versions of an Amazon and Atlantean king ...


And along with all the other relevant CMFs then I imagine that is as close as we will get to a mythology line.

Plus they also overlap with existing LEGO / Disney too (Hercules and Hades, plus a weaker link to Ursula)



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