[Factions Ep. 6- Category A] [S3 - Bonadan - BS] Bonadan Port Skirmish

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Hello everyone, 

Today I present my entry for Episode VI of Factions. The Black Sun, wanting to gain strength in the chaos and protect their assets, landed ground troops on Bonadan in an attempt to carve out some of the planet's resources for the gang's purpose. The build depicts a skirmish between Pyerce's stormtroopers and some Black Sun foot-soldiers, reinforced by an IG bounty droid. I tried to base the build off of the concept art for Bonadan from the old Duel of the Fates script. Please forgive my photo editing skills; I am quite new to the game in that regard. Pictures:


50288120628_c0edef9a69_c.jpgUntitled by ryan connor

50288950972_bb0bcbac06_c.jpgUntitled by ryan connor

50288814476_637e2c3a25_c.jpgUntitled by ryan connor

50288158388_f7f0614e78_c.jpgUntitled by ryan connor

C&C appreciated, thanks.

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The colour scheme works well and I love your design for Black Sun soldiers. I wouldn't do all the editing though, if you take a photo of your build with a plain white background e.g. piece of paper then you wouldn't have to cut around the whole build which doesn't look as good and I imagine must take you a fair amount of time with all those pictures. 

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I like a lot the broken buildings and the water effect. The attack team is quite unique as well.

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