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[Factions Ep. 6 Cat. B][L13 - Fondor - TT] Flight of the Crimson Raptor

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Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s Log: After the recent events on Byss, I’m sensing a grander design. The New Republic is not going to ignore an increasing threat from a new imperial union. The Triumvirs are not trying to replace the Emperor. They are preparing for something.

High Command is still keeping me in the dark. However, I feel my next mission may change this. I’ve been instructed to assemble my team for a critical mission to Fondor. My mission is to secure research on experimental cloaking technology, from an old facility that belonged to the Imperial Department of Military Research.

This could not have come at a worse time. Evidently an ex-imperial warlord knows of this technology as well, and he is staging a blockade around Fondor. The latest reports describe the situation as civil war, occupation, and total chaos. It’s just a matter of time before the New Republic shows up.

Some time before...


Since part of Reaper Squad was on assignment elsewhere, I’ve had to add a few new faces to my team, as well as new means of transportation. One ship, and one crew, get to the surface of Fondor and extract the data. Agent Brac T’renth, Agent Joral Avan of Reaper Squad, accompanied by me personally, will infiltrate the facility and extract the data. 


The two new additions are Zenna, a female mirialan mechanic and Iegon a twi’lek veteran pilot, who has served the Empire as a smuggler for decades. 

Our transport is a heavily modified Corellian YT-1100 offshoot. 


The sight that met us above Fondor was best described as chaos. Moments after coming out of hyperspace above Fondor, Pyerce’s forces were all over the freighter. No surprise, but also no challenge for the heavily modified Corellian freighter. 

The YT-1140 freighter holds an incredible amount of power, that has been redistributed to support advanced weapons and defense systems. No wonder this model has been banned the last decade, and so few have made it through production.

Without deviating from our approach to Fondor’s surface, Pyerce's TIEs were dealt with. A few moments later we sat down on the rendezvous, a few clicks west of the research facility.


This has probably been the most time-consuming build I've ever made. I always wanted to make a Corellian-type freighter, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I have to admit I had my doubts at several points... However, I'm pretty satisfied with the result - room for improvement, but for my first 'SHIP' I think its ok.



The Crimson Raptor

Additional shots below:



A 360-degree view of the ship...


I'll make a detailed description of weaponry and equipment soon...


View from the top...


Removable cargo container...


Ready for another container...


Pretty happy with this bulk container...


An interior view of the ships sickbay, refresher, mainframe, armory, kitchen, and engineering...


A closer look at the Pyerce TIE Raptor variant...

I'll see if I can get a few more shots up of the interior and details...

Update - A few raw shots of details in the ship:



A closer look inside the cockpit...


Top view...


Lots of small little computers...


Navigation just behind the cockpit...


Another look...


First turn on the starboard side. Straight forward is the sickbay, and to the right the ship mainframe...




Mainframe with the computer relay hidden in the floor...


Top-view of the corridor connecting the forward controls, and aft engineering. In the middle of the corridor is an airlock/access-way to the modular compartment, and a ladder to the overhead manned cannon...


The manned overhead cannon...


With the gunner inside...


The refresher/life-support compartment, with a doorway to the vac-tube...


A look down the corridor from engineering...



The hyper drive, with three coaxium-injection compartments (capitalizing on the Solo-maneuver)...


Another look at engineering...


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Datasheet added...

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Wow! The freighter is brilliant, I could take up a whole page of comments pointing out all the great details but the engine room, red detailing and antennae arrangement are the real standouts to me. I must also say you have done a great job in keeping the freighter within an imperial aesthetic. The TIE Raptor is also a great little design, the wings look really good. As ever, an amazing build!

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I think all I can do is echo the above comments

 That freighter is a great build, excellently executed design and I love the cargo access side and all round detail

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Awesome job on both ships here! I particularly like the asymmetric design you went with for the middle of the freighter.  

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Phew! Thanks for the overwhelming response. I had my doubts with an undertaking like this, so your feedback is super appreciated!

@Ross Fisher Yeah! Serenity definitely deserved more seasons, and now that you mentioned it I see the resemblance! Maybe I was influenced subconsciously... Actually my main source of inspiration, was the Ugly Duckling micro build I did for a previous entry: 


@furiothecat Hadn’t considered it, but I might if the interest is there...

I've added a bunch of additional details I did not capture in the first shots. Have a look and thanks again everyone!

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Excellent build! Full of details: The corridor, the exterior, the landing gear, the cockpit, the laser cannons, the rest room... 

That cargo mechanism is very good and the hyperdrive room is very convincing and well integrated with the exterior. I also like a lot that it can be fully opened.

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Ah, gotta love this. The overall looks are stunning, but I especially like how you have made all the interior parts connected to each other and making the tube to the cockpit as well. It gives it a finished feeling and is inspiring itself.

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I keep coming back to to look at this ship, it's the love child of the Ghost and the Falcon!
Really like this ship an awful lot.

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@n1majneb Thank you! That's probably the best compliment a ship can get! Thanks! ? 

@Greg the Gungan Thanks! Yeah the Empire has all the cool ships and gadgets - you should consider joining us... :pir-grin:

@Ross Fisher Hah! That's a fun idea, but I already have something else in mind. Unless you want my squad to return to that impound on Gigor, maybe I should stick with my story...

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1 hour ago, Greg the Gungan said:

how you made that databbase thing that isc so cool


Elbow grease and photoshop... :pir_tong2:

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2 hours ago, Greg the Gungan said:


also what is elbow grese 

(my english is not good as yours)

Ah sorry - it means ‘hard work’..

@MKJoshA Thanks a lot! ?

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