[M10 - Kuat - TT] Anticipated Cargo

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After our long way, we finally arrived to Kuat with our anticipated cargo and managed to land on the surface. As it turned our, the remnants of the Commenor Remnant are now under the flag of The Triumvirate, and those ships around the planet were them, securing the planet. 

We've contacted Ambassador Zol, and he told us, that our diplomat, Moff Iax Draenar, took the place of Admiral Vori in the High Command as Regional Governor of Core Territories. With his move the remained TCR units was merged into The Triumvirate, this is a huge deal for us, to be part of the biggest organisation of Imperial remnants. There are still some individula remnants, with whom we must to deal, such as Moff Pyerce's "Pyerce Empire"

But our mission is still important to deliver the help to Kuat, and gain their loyalty by stoping the epidemic. Ambassador Zol said, that he will meet us on Kuat, at the main research facility of the capital's medical center.


On Kuat:




Gubi - Ambassador Zol, nice to meet you again!

Ambassador Zol - Gubi, Boghi, Andrysh, welcome to Kuat, finaly! This supply becomed very anticipated by now.






Ambassador Zol - Let's get some box and go inside the Lab, Dr. Ave are waiting!




P1014588.JPG P1014591.JPG




Ambassador Zol - Dr. Ave, this is Cpt. Gubi Totho and his squad. They brought highly effective medical Nano-Droids from Foundry. Former Techno Union member Skakoans are experimenting with some them as high efficient cures. They are our best change to fight the epidemic on Kuat. 

Dr. Ave - Welcome to my lab. The planet needs big help, we tested everything we had, but didn't have any promising resaults.





Dr. Ave - Let's see, what we got here! L4 open a crate and get the computer ready!


P1014609.JPG P1014611.JPG


Dr. Ave -  L4 go the computer! I'll send the date immediately.

L4 - Yes Doctor!





Ambassador Zol - What do you see, Doctor?

Dr. Ave - It looks promising, i think it might work. L4, what dou you seen in the data?

L4 -The Nano-Droids defeated most of the infected cells. This is an effective medicine for the epidemic.

Dr. Ave - Thats grear news. We will start the reproduction of the vaccine.





Dr. Ave - Thank you for your help, you literally saved Kuat. The whole planet can be grateful for the Triumvirate. I hope, our alliance will last long.

Ambassador Zol - We are happy to help the people and also for our new ally.




Andrysh - What are our next orders?

Cpt. Gubi - We didn't recieved them yet, but Zol said,  that most of our ships are headed to Fondor.

                  So we have to go there, I think...





P1014630.JPG P1014522.JPG

P1014648.JPG P1014650.JPG




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Brilliant, great storyline, love the integration of lights and the shape of that container is amazing! As ever, there is also some top notch SNOT techniques in the building and great attention to detail with the interiors.

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A really great build here,
A great story in support of the Kuat build.

Some really great part usage in this along with build techniques. I love the plant pod build. works so well!

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2 minutes ago, Darth Bjorn said:

@Gubi0222 Your angle-work is always spectacular and very inspiring! Nice way to wrap up the story - All hail Cpt. Gubi the Savior of Kuat! :laugh:

Thanks, but this really was a team effort.


And also thank you all, I'm glad you like it!

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Nice build! The supplies cargo shape is very well executed. I like your industrial textures and specially your cultivation device and lighting. 

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