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The Librarian

X-Men: Blackbird and Sentinel

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I've had this sitting around for a while and it was high time I photographed it. Sorry for the somewhat ropy background - it's the only spare sheet I own and a global pandemic is not a good time to go iron shopping.

This is basically a large-scale remake of set 76022-1 - and I do mean large, the jet ended up over two foot long. It worked out fairly nicely though. The underside is pretty ugly, since I had to leave it bare studs. Everything else is surprisingly sold though. It seats six minifigs comfortably. My last version had properly wheeled landing gear but this time around, I opted for the stability of landing pads (the X-Men's Blackbird has always been improbably VTOL capable anyway).

The Sentinel is nothing special, but I was quite happy with how the head turned out. The X-Men involved all use the Racer-X torso - I went on a bit of a collection binge a year or so back!






There are more pictures on my flickr, if you're interested.


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That blackbird is everything I ever wanted in a Lego x-men set.

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The Blackbird is really nice! The rest as well. I stopped reading x-men comics in the 90 so please help me with the line-up

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