Louis of Nutwood

[MOC] A sailor's solitude

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A sailor's solitude

A sailor's solitude

For days, months, years it has been just you and me, and no one in between.

We watched the sun rise as it warmed your soft skin.
We dined under the moonlight, reflecting on your hair.
We danced under the rain and rambled through grey skies.

I gave you my heart and I gave you my soul.
But now I fear you might claim far more than I can give.
For the only thing left for you to take, is my life. 

So, open your arms and embrace me, as I dive into your eternal blue.
Swallow my fears and doubts, as I breathe in your serene tide.
Walk me through your never-ending garden until we turn into one... when the time comes.

But only when the time comes. 

Louis of Nutwood

Hope you all like it. 

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7 hours ago, Memo5378 said:

Wow. Incredible skills AND a poet. You, Sir, are taking it to the next level.

Nah.. you're too kind..

I'm glad you liked the build and the small story behind it, sir Memo5378.
Thanks for the support!

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13 hours ago, Count Vroskri said:

Very, very nice microbuild, I enjoyed reading your beautiful poetry. You are taking moc storytelling to the next level. Well done! 

Hey, Count Vroskri!
Thanks for the compliments, man! Very kind of you.
I'm happy you enjoyed the story and the build. And yeah! I've been trying to improve my writing, so it means a lot you liked it. 

Cheers, mate! And thanks for the support.

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