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Batmobile UCS Display Case/Stand (7784) - Wicked Brick?

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New here and I hope I'm not breaking any rules, I did read over the guidelines and FAQ.

Fairly new to Lego, Fathers day gift of 2019 got me into it and have been collecting a few Batman/Batmobile related things.

I purchased the display case/stand From Wicked Brick for the 1989 (76139) and smaller 40433

As well as the case/stand for the Tumbler (76023)

I'm looking for a case/stand for the Batmobile UCS (7784) and the smaller inspired version (76119), similar to the case for the 1989's I posted above.

Is anyone familiar enough with Wicked Brick products to know whether the 1989 case will work for this as well? Perhaps with a different set of the Vario display stands they offer?

I did e-mail them and ask if they would consider making a case for this or if a custom one could be made but looks like no dice there.

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I think it should work well.
I've used them for other sets and the connections are studs from stand to set so i'd expect it to work well.
(I do know with covid they're running a skeleton crew as it took a while for them to respond to me when I had a query)

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