[MOC] Overseas Container Semi-Trailer 1:17 (RC)

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Inspired by Holgi's MOC my friend rr76 and I built a 1:17 scale trailer (Arocs) for overseas containers.


There are mountings for one 40', two 20' containers or one 20' bulk container in the middle of the trailer. Furthermore, the left box is free as a tool box.
The rebrickable version is controlled with a Buwizz, because the Powered Up cables are too short, this is not feasible in the conventional way.

RC functions:
- Raising and lowering the supports
- Raising and lowering the lift axle
- parking brake
- rear light


My red one is a conversion to a battery box and Sbrick, i only need a housing in DBG.



The grey prototype was build with PU, becaus the cables are to short and the PU-M motor is to expensive i used PU-PF adapters. The lights are custom LED with the Lego PU LED cable.



Currently there is a 40' container and the prototype of a bulk container, we're still working on a 20' container.


The instruction are available at rebrickable for free:




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Thanks guys!

Instructions for the trucks aren't possible yet.


The Renault Magnum was build with pictures from DamianPLE Lego Garage (YouTube and Bricksafe), i asked him if i could digitalize it, but i got no answer.

The Mack F700 was designed by my buddy rr76 and based on the chassis of @grego18f 's Granite.

All my trucks have parts/modules from @efferman, the two Volvo FM-X are complete from his ideas, only in studless.

The W900's design is from @Jurgen Krooshoop, the Scania from @functionalTechnic and @JaapTechnic.


As you can see, i take the best ideas of the top designers and combine them again to something new. I don't have to reinvent the wheel...
You can take a look at my Bricksafe pages or YouTube and you'll see i'm a bit crazy in trucks. Step by step i'll present them here too.

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A litle teaser, i'm working on a new, yellow tractor. There were nice yellow parts in the 42114...

btw: @I_Igor that's also PU. But with soldered motor cables, as the PU-M is white and the cables are too short. With PU-L it's possible, see the grey one, but it looks not fine.


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