Dovchenko Torso Decal (Good Generic Uniform)

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I didn't have time for Indy, but I literally slapped this one together quickly.

The Peeron official dark tan didn't look right at all (too grey), the dark tan I used to use looked decent, but a third one I made up completely looked exactly right. As a result, I'm presenting all three (in opposite order of that). It's actually kind of nice, because all three are official looking enough to pass for real uniforms, so this could be a very useful torso, especially if you added your own insignia as appropriate.

I also hated the button/belt colour as well, since I can't really simulate metallic colours (and most of you can't print them), but it should do.

As always, my colours are easily changed without complicated editing, so if you need to adjust them, you can.



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A very nice work and a pretty useful torso indeed! :classic:

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Ah, thank you very much. :classic: Before I opened the set I planned on selling Dovchenko but then I fell in love with the torso. I think the head is ugly, I definatly will sell that. Dark tan looks really hard to match though. :look:

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