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31197 Marilyn Monroe review!

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Hello everyone, I just finished building the Marilyn Monroe set. I couldn't wait to get this set so I ordered it on bricklink, because it's not yet released in North America regions. Anyways, here's my review! This set has 3341 pieces and the retail price is $119.99


Studs, studs, and more STUDS!!! Plenty of pieces left over.


Again, studs, studs, more studs and 9 baseplates. There are also several other pieces included.

The completed model:

I am very happy with the completed model. It looks beautiful close up, and even more beautiful from far away! I've never seen such a beautiful mosaic that the LEGO group made. It's also amazingly accurate. I can tell that the designers had done their best job trying to make this accurate. It was also larger than I expected.


It's an excellent display piece, and it's an excellent price as well! You are absolutely getting a lot of bricks for your money. I personally liked the build, but other people may or may not enjoy it. So overall, I'm extremely delighted with this set.


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