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21 minutes ago, samurai-turtle said:

Someone might want to double check this out I still get a triangle with a exclamation mark when I look in a thread. And the front page. 

P.S. I am using the mobile version. 

I see that as well. In general it should NOT appear because the entire page of EB is completely served using HTTPS (HTTP Secure) ... However, the moment a single element of the page  is  loaded outside of HTTPS, e.g. an image hosted outside EB that is not 'secure' (regular non-secure HTTP address), then you will see that triangle as a warning.

This only means that while the entire EB domain itself is fully secure, there are some elements that are not deemed secure. In this particular example, our homepage is loading an image hosted in Brickshelf....

After doing browser debugging, I found out that this image (see URL below) is only reason why the "warning" is there in the first place.	




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