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Aston Martin Vantage AMR LMGTE PRO race cars from Le Mans of 2018

Building instructions for car #95 and #97, respectively:


The difference between the two models is down to the stickers and color of the trim. However, since the 2x2 wedge plates used in the holes of the nose are not available in green, I had to redesign that section for the #97 car.


The mounts for the diffusers also differ due to the availability of 1x2 x 2x2 brackets in green. The main reason for why it has taken me over 2 years to finish this car (the first prototype was built in March of 2018) would be the front:


But the many revisions of the front has also allowed me to make many iterations of the other details, such as how the rear fenders are shaped:


The fanciest part of the bodywork, however, has to be the single beam rear light. I have tried to recreate it as faithfully as possible in LEGO:


Here is the first nearly-done version:


As you can see, most details have been reworked since March 2018 where I started building this model.


Back then we only had renders of the livery and it wasn't yet revealed that headlights would change from yellow to white.


The race driver is Nicki Thiim, who was recently seen greeting the car after returning from Virtual Racing:


Now I just have to finish the M8 and my project of building all Le Mans GTE PRO race cars from 2018 will finally come to an end.

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