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I have recently downloaded the latest LEGO Digital Designer, 4.3.12, to digitally design a whole chunk of Hero Factory heroes and villains. It's really good, and has 1.0 parts, 2.0 parts, 3.0 parts and Breakout parts. However, it's missing Brain Attack parts. I know that there is a Digital Designer with the Brain Attack parts, however there's so many Digital Designers and I don't really have the data to download each and every single LDD just to get a few parts. There's also a lot of missing Breakout pieces, such as for Core Hunter and XT4, and 1.0 parts, like Stormer's helmet and chest plate, Stringer's helmet and various weapons. I would really appreciate it if I could know which LDD has these parts.

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17 hours ago, zweifuss said:

I think 4.3.11 had more parts in it, then they took them out in 4.3.12... See this post by @Kuramapika1 


Thanks! I'll try and download it soon. Hopefully all of my 4.3.12 projects will work in 4.3.11. :thumbup:

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