Small Forklift "Jungheinrich EFG 316-320"

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Dear community,

today I want to present you my newest MOC, a replica of a E-Forklift from the Company Jungheinrich. 

The model is fully remote controlled and has got 4 functions, controlled via a Vengit Sbrick.

Data about the model: 
- Height: 25 Studs (20 cm)   | [ extended lift mast] : 38 Studs (30.5 cm) 
- Length: 29 Studs (23 cm)
- Width: 10 Studs (8cm)
- Weight: 835 g
- total parts (without Rubber band, cords and Sbrick) : 689
Electric components: 
- 2x Power function L Motor 
- 1x Power funcion M Motor 
- 1x Power function servo Motor 
- 1x Vengit Sbrick 

Now some pictures, I hope you like it:










Battery Box:


Rubber Band:


Technic in the inside:



Building Instruction, made with Bricklink Studio and Gimp:



I hope you like my Model.


Jakob, 14 years old.

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I like your model and also your video (Moving the Corona virus around was hilarious!). Very original to cover the Technic elements with normal bricks. :thumbup:

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