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Bearded Burgers (MOC)

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This is our Bearded Burgers (MOC) We made it for a funny LEGO Harry Potter Brickfilm!

A Brief History of Bearded Burgers:

In 1928 Professor Albus Dumbledore discovered a way to make one of the best burgers EVER! He made them every wednesday, Then he found out there were burger competitions and Bearded Burgers was born, People came from all over to try one of Professor Albus Dumbledore's famous Bearded Burgers!

Sorry for the terrible image Quality But, It woudn't let us post this otherwise. If anyone knows how We could post a better quality image please tell me and I will fix this.


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This sounds amusing and interesting!  :classic:

The paperclip/upload option on Eurobricks that I think you're talking about re:image quality is only for very small images to be used in your signature line here on the board.  For sharing photos of MOCs, etc., you'll want to use a 3rd party service and I think most folks would recommend Flickr, if not using a Lego-focussed image hosting service.

Here's a tutorial on linking/embedding Flickr images in your posts:

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