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[N5 - Vinsoth - CFS] Abandoned Separatist Outpost

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Exploring the eerie remains of a Separatist Outpost, Cerean Confederate Remnant Officer, Go-A Tman makes his way carefully past what appears to be shutdown droids to the data vault beyond.
Go-A carries with him the crucial remains of a Tactical Droid to get him through the blast doors and upload the data necessary to save the Remnant.

As he passes another droid battalion, he hears a familiar sound - a slow leak coming from the platoon of B1 Rocket Battle Droids. Their tanks are pressurized.

The droids are operational.

Go-A is walking into a trap. He must hurry to the blast door, override the controls and pray he can get to the control room in time to shutdown the droids for good.

He gets to the Door.

Rockets ignite.

A B1 Battle Droid company behind him reverse steps.

He's trapped.


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Posted (edited)

Great build, and legitimately excellent narrative there. So sad for Go-A Tman. The tactical droid detail is great, he obviously did his research and due diligence. What a tragedy that it ended so rocket-ey and "that thing's operational!"-ey.

Maybe you could add some unedited photos of the build?

Edited by RocketBoy

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2 hours ago, Ross Fisher said:

I love the build, I think. Can we have a few more photos though?

Yes, I’d like to see more of the tower build but I like the story of the discovery of these droids!

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