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[Classic-Space] Forgotten Easter Eggs in Lego Movie 2

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(Sorry if my english, is not totally perfect)
Classic-Space History lesson that many missed : Why is this construction cult ? And yet, 99.99% of Classic-Space fans/afols don't know it. This scene went under the radar of fans/afols. It all started with the 2019 Lego Movie 2 'Goodies'/'bonus" video, which was not publicized and went fairly unnoticed.

The LEGO Movie 2 The Second Part Saving Bricksburg Stopmotion Compilation! The LEGO Movie ReTeling, 4 febr. 2019 :
(Only the first few minutes of the video)

As a good Classic-Space/afol fan, I got it into my head to rebuild with LDD and, the 2 Lego constructions in the video, part by part, frame by frame. And there, I discovered a pretty huge Easter Eggs. The 3 spacemen characters from 3 pivotal Lego Classic-Space periods were obvious, but it was above all, the famous and unique Trans-Green brick among 12 Trans-Yellow, which made me realize, that LEGO had hidden lots of Easter Eggs in this single scene.

[Classic Space] little-known anthology scene by Horlack, sur Flickr
This construction, is a LEGO Classic-Space history. And the "biggest sick" in the world of Classic-Space, should have rebuilt it for his personal collection, and worship him every day :)
For the most part, the understanding of the Easter Eggs, below, should be based on the year 1979, not 1978. 1978 is the year of the US version, and 1979 is the year of the US commercial version. Like for example the “Rocket Launch Pad” which was released in 1978 under number 483-1 in the USA, and released in 1979 under number 920-2 in Europe. This 1978 and 1979 debate is still being emulated today, and sometimes not settled. 1978 is the year zero of Classic-Space, but in the collective imagination, 1979 is often chosen, because it was the year that really made the commercial boom of this range. We find this debate, even on the largest reference sites, such as bricklink which catalogs it as 1979:
and Brickset who cataloged it in 1978:
In fact the 2 dates are valid. It depends on whether you take a purist point of view of year zero of creation, or year zero of the 1st launch and worldwide commercial success. Now on to the Easter Eggs, the part that interests us.
The construction of this video brings together several historical and anthological things :
1 / - The red spaceman from 1979, the 1st Classic-Space figure, with white. Or 40 years.
2 / -The white spaceman with this type of helmet, from the Collector's set 5002812 from 2014 and symbolizes 35 years of the Classic-Space theme.
This same white spaceman with this type of helmet (sp006new2) also exists in a 2nd set, and not just any: Set 5000438 Vintage Minifigure Collection Vol. 2 - 2012 Edition, which is an edition that represents the history of LEGO. But is also composed of the black Spaceman from 1984 (sp003new2) with this same type of helmet, which exists only and only in this box.
3 / - The green spaceman, from the set 21109 Exosuit, Lego Ideas from 2014, which is the birth of a new combination color after several decades. 35 years separate from the 1st Classic Space set. Only available in this set.
4 / - The latest, Benny, from Lego Movie.
5 / - The station and the radar, which is a nod to the Mythical Set Alpha-1 Rocket Base (483-1 in US, and 920-2 in EU)
6 / - 2 times the blue part 3660p01 (the "01"), which is the 1st pad printed piece in "Inverted", appeared in the Alpha Rocket Base Set! Or 40 years.
7 / - The white part 3069bp68, hanging on the white spaceman's walkie-talkie, which first appeared in MTron's 6833-Beacon Tracer set from 1990 (yeah it's well stashed in the video and only appears 0.5 seconds in the video), and which is the 1st wave of the Mtron sets. Par present in this 1st MTron wave in the sets 6877- Vector Detector, 6923- Particle Ionizer, 6956- Stellar Recon Voyager, and the legendary 6989-Mega Core Magnetizer which was made in 36 million MOCs / MODs different versions.

8 / - One and only part 3065 Trans-Green, among all the others which are Trans-Yellow. Yeah, at the back of the blue command-outpost, well hidden upstairs. The only piece that's wrong. The one which is strangely lit from behind in the photo, Nobody hit, on this rear light anomaly which has no place? Limit, we only see that, on this dark background, right in the middle of the image.
This refers to the set 995-Lighting Bricks with Color Filters from 1969, which is the 1st lego attempt at making light / connected bricks.
2019 year of Lego Movie 2.
1969 the release of this "luminous" brick.
1969, the 1st man on the moon
Do you see them the 50 years of Lego and the conquest of space? 😁
For the more Classic-Space Fans/AFOLs, this simple Classic-Space command-outpot, from this "goodies" video from Lego Movie 2, says much more than it seems, and deserves to be rebuilt for his personal collection. . It is a Lego work, which is cult, for what it represents. And no one noticed her. There are probably other Easter Eggs that I missed. If you see others, share them.
What ? You are crazy about "Classic-Space", and you did not watch the video frame by frame, and reconstruct part by part, like a big crazy of the theme ?

add on my flickr :
French reference :
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