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[COR-FB1] Access Denied

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Location: Mesabi Landing

Type: Troop Raising

"Halt! This is a restricted area!" Said the WTC marine to the Commander


The Agent of the crown looked taken aback. Only the WTC would have the gall to openly disrespect a high ranking commodore of Corrington!


"Listen here, sonny!" Spouted the Commander. "I happen to be a veteran of the Juniper Wars, a Commander of a Class 5 ship, and an authorized agent of the Crown on a mission to make sure that the WTC has properly complied with all forms, regulations, and documentation of troops raised in the settlement. 


"Access is Denied, Mr. Commander." Said the WTC Marine. 


"Grrrr, you will let me through into this office!" Yelled the Commander. 

"Uh, Sir? I'm just making sure no one goes into the flooded toilet. The Office is down the other hall..."



And back. Only took 2 years. :pir-look:

I built this in 2018 to test some floor tile ideas, and it's sat around since as it didn't really fit with anything. It's too small to be a small build, but I needed something for a troop raising and it doesn't look half bad. 

Edited by Mesabi

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Ha! Mesabi is back, and raising troops, excellent! :pir-grin:

Nice little build, and I always love your humor. Great to have you back here, keep it coming! :thumbup:

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Glad to have you back, Mesabi. The corridor looks good, and I like the floor technic.

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