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MOC - The Lair of the Green Goblin

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The Lair of the Green Goblin

Hidden within the dark rafters of Osborn Manor is the devious home of the twisted Green Goblin! Here, in this "renovated" open-concept attic space, the Green Goblin can plan out his attacks on Spider-Man.



Upon discovering the true secret identity of his web-crawling nemesis, Spider-Man, to be that of his son's best friend--Peter Parker--Norman Osborn (the alternate identity of the Green Goblin) is overtaken by rage! With the Goublin-Green formula racing through his veins, Norman pushes through the hidden mirror door and claws his way though the rafters; all while his hideous transformation takes hold. Tearing off his human form and applying his emerald armored skin, the Green Goblin emerges--to destroy not only Spider-Man...but Peter Parker too! 







With this build, I really wanted to show not only the home of Spider-Man's greatest enemy, but the transformation and creation of that enemy. This included showing not only the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde inspired transformation scenes, but also the process of fully becoming the Green Goblin through the creation of his pumpkin bombs, various suits, and his iconic glider. Also, this is the first time I've used multiple minifigures in one build to depict one character throughout multiple scenes--and while it meant that I had to end up buying a bunch of extra goblins!--I think it turned out well. Interestingly the build is read right to left; the bottom half shows the creation on the equipment, while the top half shows the creation of the man (or goblin as it were)...which was totally planned from the start ( :look: ) which is why it works so well. Not a coincidence at all. :grin: 







As I build primarily for canceled conventions now, I made sure with this build to cover every side and every face with as much detail as possible. Partly because I'm normally, generally, embarrassed by how basic my stuff seems at public conventions. Everyone builds way more detail than me! :cry_sad: That's not a joke, I do feel my stuff is sometimes boring. :blush: But not this I say! 








Yes that is a hidden Venom reference! 




So anywho--thanks for checking this out! It was a rather fun build to put together.


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Awesome build!:wub_drool:

Loads to love about this, but I'm just going to point out a few of my favourite details - the picture above the fireplace, the conveyor and the contraption used to fill the pumpkins, the spilled wine (small detail, but nicely done) and how he is flinging the papers away. The number of pumpkins is just insane.

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This is good. It really does tell a story. All those lovely details. And in a way, Norman Osborne was batman that went insane i guess :laugh:

for the glider, he uses even the cape of batman? How did you do that? I want to steal that idea :pir-love:

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This is incredible, the level of detail in this is fantastic.
I've been working on a Batcave MOC for sometime with cut aways to save having to build the full thing in a similar vein to what you have done here

Seeing different iterations of the Green Goblin as you move the build is a fantastic detail and the smoke trail works so well (and how'd d'you get them to stick together as the clutch power on these is not great at all!)



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Fantastic! I really love how you've incorporated so many facets of ol' Norm's story! The sewing machine is delightful!

As is the truly hideous number of pumpkins . . .

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