L'Hermione - frégate de douze française

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My latest MOC: L'Hermione - frégate de douze française
She took me about 6 months to complete. I am very proud of her and this is my biggest MOC so far. This is also only the second XVIIIth century ship I am building as I was building WW2 Royal Navy ships before.
I will give mention to @kurigan for his rigging tutorial which I loved and use in this ship.
Moc pics on my Flickr:
Thanks a lot mates!
Jean Bédard, Québec City, Canada

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16 hours ago, Thomas Waagenaar said:

Wow, looks amazing! Really well made, I'm definitely a fan of the custom hull!

Thanks Thomas. I find the prefab hull bricks to high above the floating line so I prefer to build custom hulls.

14 hours ago, jan kusters said:

Fantastic build! The rigging and sails look great too!

Thanks Jan! Rigging really represents the most work here. As for the sails, it was my first time. I used linen fabric with Krylon Crystal clear coating ( The sails are little bit more stiff than the Lego ones.

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