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[MOC] Infantry Command

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Another build from Wwarhammer 40k universe, this time Imperial Guard's Infantry Comamnd from "Dawn of War" vidoe game.


50165367941_408f5f9609_c.jpg     50165374286_196d372242_c.jpg

Some close-ups:
Heavy bolter team:


Techno servitor:

That's the building I based on my MOC:

Would like to build whole diorama of Imperial Guard base, some next projects I'm going for:
Tactical command

Plasma generator


C&C welcome! ;)

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Cool MOC! I like the style of Dawn of War Imperial Guard buildings - despite being from WH40k, they are not over-the-top gothic and ornate, as military facilities of a non-elite and not Church-based army should be simple and utilitarian. And you managed to build a detailed and recognizable model of Astra Militarum barracks. Mixing clone trooper and rebel parts also make great Imperial Guardsmen (and Guardswomen).

But why a servitor? While it's faithful to lore, in-game the Imperial Guard employ tech-priests enginseers for construction.

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@Farseer Petriel
Yeah, IG buildings had really distinctive, military look but at the same time they felt very unique and fit into that universe. Put there a servitor because I wanted to be faithful to the lore. In final version, there will be some Techpriest at the dioarama. ;)
@LEGO Train 12 Volts
Thank you, my friend. ;)
@Jerry McGlade
Yup, the corners were the hardest part of the build but I'm really glad with the results. :D

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Ah the Imperial guard ! My W40k prefered army. 

Great rendition of a cadian bunker ! Cool heavy bolter !

Great job:thumbup:

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