Christening of the ETWC ship

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Captain Whiffo stood on the docks outside Port Wilkes while one of the ETWC soldiers finished loading the skiff, finalizing the papers for his new ship, built for the East Trade-Wind Company by the fine Braunsfeld shipmasters in Pontelli.  It had been way too long since he had last been to sea, and he was hankering for adventure on the Brick Seas.  


The dock official was working away busily at his ledger, noting down the Captain's specifications. 

"And that should be it!" exclaimed Captain Whiffo, with a clank of his hook.  "Here ye have the licencing costs, sir."


The official finished scrawling down the last line and looked up.

"But Captain, you have forgotten that the ship will need a name.  It has yet to be christened, you know, sir."


"Oh right," exclaimed Captain Whiffo - "that'll be the WDTPTOE."






"Short for, the Why Didn't They Put This Out Earlier," put in the Captain, helpfully.

The official finally broke out of his astonished stare and started to jot the name down, but had to have Captain Whiffo repeat it at least twice before he actually got it right and closed up his ledger and took the payment for the new vessel.  He shook his head as he turned away to leave, his face still a picture - muttering under his breath, "The WDTPOTE, the WTOEPD, the..."


"Hey, t'wasn't my idea," Captain Whiffo laughed after him - "that's the name the builder himself put on it!"



Just at that moment, Alberto and George Da Pontelli (in his newest hat) came around to bid the Captain adieu and congratulate him on his new command.  They'd come over to visit the settlement and deliver the ship. 

"Ah, hello!" Captain Whiffo exclaimed, "I have but just finished off with all the last details and will be rowing off to the ship in a moment.  Thank you again for bringing over the vessel, my friends, and be sure to relay my and the Company's thanks to its builder!"


"Certainly, certainly," replied Alberto da Pontelli - "Best wishes to you and smooth sailing as well!  What have you named her, sir?"


"Why, the WDTPTOE, of course.  That's the very name it came under from the shipyards, you know."

Alberto da Pontelli stared at the Captain for a moment, and George had to suppress a coughing fit. 

"It stands for the Why Didn't They Put This Out Earlier, you know," added the Captain with a smile.


"The W.D.T.P.T.O.E."

"I- I think that was a bit of a joke," faltered Alberto at last.

"What?" exclaimed the Captain blankly. 

But then, quickly recovering himself, he laughed, "Well, the joke's on you now, I'm afraid, 'cause that's what it's named!"


But Alberto looked down at George and whispered to him, "The joke's on us, humph?  Well, I'm not the one who has to write it every month on the trMRCA forms!" 

Captain Whiffo looked over at the monkey to see why he was laughing so hard...



"The Why. Didn't. They. Put. This. Out. Earlier."

Yes, I did it :grin: :rofl:  I couldn't help it - and yes, this was all a bit of practice so hopefully I can get it right on all the forms :pir-grin:

It's been waay too long since I last posted a build here!  This was built as a little thank-you to @Captain Braunsfeld for putting the WDTPTOE up for the ETWC to licence - thanks again, mate! :pir-sweet:  And honestly the name fits very well considering that this is actually the first ship licenced by the ETWC itself...  I know, right, :pir-grin:

Hopefully I'll have more builds up for the Brick Seas in a few months though!  My building time is pretty packed full right now, but once I've got that cleared off I hope to return to BOBS seriously here!  Plus I've got that Class 10 that needs to be finished here :look: :grin:  I've missed y'all!

Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always! 

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2 hours ago, Garmadon said:




Lol, that expression is perfect!!! Very nice scene too!

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33 minutes ago, Ayrlego said:

Lol, that expression is perfect!!! Very nice scene too!

I absolutely busted up laughing at that close up photo :laugh:


If you chose a GIF for his expression, I feel this one captures it properly 


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Lovely vignette. And that moment of silence when the clerk heard the WDYTPTOE, hilarious.:pir_laugh2:

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A fine and funny MOC and dialogue! :thumbup:

And it is all my fault :pir-laugh:

Just like Shakespeare said: "A scene looketh good, whence it hath monkeys in it."


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Wherever did you get a tan macaroni tile? :wub_drool:  Great little beach scene and the dialogue is hilarious. :laugh:  So is the presentation with the cinematic close-up of the classic blank stare look. :pir_laugh2:

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